45 day money back guarantee



“I bought your product at the beginning of March and I am so pleased with your product that I am telling everyone, "They actually work!!" I leave my front and back doors wide open as often as I can and that allows anything inside my home, especially flies. I can now sit by my front door and watch flies buzz in and immediately turn tail and head out. Incredible product THANK YOU!!!!”

Gaelan G. – Colorado


“I would just like to thank you for your great service! I received my order [Ultimate AT] in about 4 days and my "bug problem" seems to have reduced already! Many thanks!”

Robert L. – New Zealand


“I have two of your repellers and could not be more pleased with them. I have a suggestion. Have you ever considered a small unit that you could wear from, say, a chain or ribbon around your neck for insects? Just a thought. Thanks so for the marvelous products. We have the Ultimate and the Guardian. I am so very anti chemical that I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to find you and your products. We will all live longer with your service. Thanks again!”

Martha C. – Canada

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“Maybe you have to do as much 'net shopping as I do in order to really be able to compare customer service from place to place. What I said still stands - you're really good. And if your company employs really good people who care about doing what they're paid to do, that alone steers folks like myself away from doing business with companies who drop the customer service ball. After all, 'net shopping means we don't get to see a product before we buy or talk face to face with a sales person re the product's effectiveness. Thanks for such a speedy, detailed and comprehensive response to my email V everything I need to know! Good customer service is unusual these days. Thanks again!”

Valeria P. – Pennsylvania


“Thank you so much for taking so much time to talk with me this evening, you were a great help to me.  As I told you on the phone I have been dealing with a horrible infestation of fleas or possibly, as we discussed, bedbugs. I also have spent in excess of $2000.00 since spring with no result. The AT insect repellers I purchased and installed only yesterday already are doing a wonderful job! I had a good night sleep last night for the first time in many months.

I am so happy with the units received yesterday I have ordered 4 additional units and will happily cancel my contract with my pest control company tomorrow. Thank you once again for all of your help! I look forward to receiving your product and ridding my home of insects forever!”

Deirdre M. – Smithtown, NY


“This is great!” [The Guardian]

Emir D. – Bosnia


“Thank you so much for helping me order more Guardians.  They are extremely effective in protecting against the Bambi population that would like to use my garden for their personal 24-hour Buffet.  While my two-year-old grandson was visiting I turned off the Guardian that was protecting my tomatoes and peppers (the sound and light frightened him). In the excitement of the visit I forgot to turn the alarm back on. The next morning I found deer nipped branches on the tomatoes and the tops of the peppers. The alarm is back on 24 hours a day and no more carnage has ensued.  We have just re-landscaped a 30 m bed along our west property line and need to use the next two Guardians to protect the rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and dogwoods. Great Product!”

Jane D. – Zanesville, Ohio


“I have been using the electromagnetic pest control product for a number of years. Not only is the electromagnetic pest control safe and sanitary, it is effective. Anyone who has a fear of rodents or they are expecting or have small children in the home,this is an absolute must. This device really drives away any existing pest from your home and keeps them away from any areas protected by what my family refers to as the anti-mouse armed guard. The inventor of the electromagnetic pest control is a genius.

From the results that my family and I continue to experience, there are no other pest control methods that work as effectively as this device. It is much better that having a cat. Every home and every business should have at least one of these devices.”

Carlotta M. – NY


“A year or so ago we were being taken over by mice. In spite of strenuous efforts we could not find where they were coming into our RV that was permanently set up in a resort. Knowing not what to do, I purchased and read the label and directions on the popular mice poison I decided we were better off with the mice!

I had, on occasion, purchased the small pest ‘machines’ from major companies re their TV ads. They were to no avail. I came across Good Life and read with interest their information on the indoor and semi-outdoor repeller ie the Ultimate MC (useful in basements, under decks, etc.) I sent for it and from the day we unpacked the box and put it underneath our fully skirted RV we never saw another mouse. They left and did not come back. No mess and best of all no chemicals and no distressed little animals to deal with.

We are contemplating a move to a more rural resort area and this time I will go prepared. I sent for the new Guardian unit as I am sure we will encounter critters of all shapes and sizes in the outdoor areas. This outdoor unit will allow me to adore some of the critters and not be bothered by those I do not wish to deal with.

Upon receipt of the new unit, we put it right to work. With our unusual rainy weather we have been inundated by mosquitoes that we have never before been bothered with. I set the selector to #1 (insects) and put the unit on the glass bar on our deck and faced it to our main entry door. Nary a mosquito has come around. When people I meet complain about the mosquitoes I say, “what mosquitoes?”

Thank you so much Good Life. You are aptly named. You certainly have improved our life. I am rabidly against chemicals and you have opened a new door to a safe world for us and our adored Border Collie, Mae. A world I did not know existed till I found you. Thank you again,”

Martha & John C. – Kelowna, British Columbia


“It has been a pleasure buying from Good Life even though I returned my purchase. Sometimes Customer Service is more important than the purchase itself. The prompt crediting of my card surprised me to the point that I needed to thank Good Life for excellent service. My card was credited within 4 days after receipt of my return. I would buy again from Good Life.”

Jack G. – Meridian ID


“Two years ago, having bought a house in South West France, we found that it had infestations of stone martens (fouines) and a kind of weasel (belettes) in the loft and other roof spaces. They used to sleep during the day and go out hunting at night, returning in the early hours. At various times we heard various thumping and scurrying noises, and there was a noticeable odor in one part of the house caused by not only the animals themselves but by the prey which they had imported into the roof space. We discussed various solutions, including poison, but we did not take that route as our three cats would have been at risk. It was suggested to us that an ultrasonic device may be the only available solution, so after much research on the Internet I discovered Euro Good Life and the Ultimate Pest Repeller AT. We took a risk and bought one although the specification seemed to indicate that smaller rodents were the main target. However after the first one was installed we noticed a considerable improvement, and as the house is quite large we ended up with three more ATs. The fouines and belettes and their odors disappeared and have never returned, and there is evidence only of mice in one small area on the veranda, which may require a further AT. We are very happy with the overall result, and recommend that the AT be considered in similar cases. The cats are completely unaffected by the devices and often have a nap close to one of them.”

R.M. V Miramont – Sensacq, France


“To the squirrel repellers at Good Life: My wife bought me the Guardian Original for Christmas to keep the squirrels out of my tomato garden this spring. I have tried everything short of a Crossman 760 (air rifle ...). I was very skeptical of the Guardian. I placed a bird feeder on my front lawn full of delicious seeds and the Guardian about six feet away. Loaded with batteries the Guardian turned on was silent. I thought "this feeder is going to be empty in minutes." Well, after three days and three nights the feeder was full and I did not see any squirrels in my yard. Kudos to the Guardian and the people at Good Life! Thanks again,”

Brian V – Greenville, SC


“Thank you for the great customer service and reliable product.  We received our shipment right on time and you were more than helpful.

The squirrels, chipmunks, yellow jackets, and mice are gone and it's no coincidence! For five years, after moving to the mountains in California, I have tried everything to control these pests. Fox urine, pepper, traps, repellents of every kind, and nothing worked.The critters were so rampant, taking over the property, and even chewing up the outer beams of the house. They ruined everything from flowers to trees, to the wiring in our vehicles. Within hours of plugging in our Pest Repeller Ultimate MC we saw the critters moving away. We don't need to keep the Pest Repeller Ultimate MC going all the time. It seems that once the animals leave they must take up residence somewhere else because they are not coming back right away, when they do venture toward our home, we plug in our Pest Repeller Ultimate MC and off they go again. When the yellow jackets start swarming we set the Pest Repeller Ultimate MC to insects and they leave as well. The birds that I invite to my bird feeders are bustling happily. We truly do have a mountain paradise now.”

Becki P.


“We were plagued with small black sugar ants, coming up from the bathroom floor in the center of the house.  Sprays were not effective because, short of ripping up the molding around the flooring, we could not find any points of entry.  The little devils were all over the bathroom; in the medicine cabinet, drawers, and bathtub.  It was maddening.   We plugged in an Ultimate AT, and within 24 hours, the ants were gone!  They just vanished!  No ants anywhere in the house now.  The cats and the dog are not bothered by the repeller, and we did not have to use poisonous sprays.  We are very pleased!”

Nancy P. – Oregon


“This is the second pest repeller we have ordered from you. We have had great success with the Guardian. We were having a terrible squirrel infestation in the attic of one of our buildings. The squirrels were even chewing through the eaves of the building to get into the attic.

They were making a lot of noise, building nests and had done substantial damage to electrical wires, thereby creating a fire hazard. We tried different pest controls, but to no avail. We also covered the holes they had made in the eaves, but they created new ones. We were at a loss as to how to keep the squirrels out of the attic. I found an ad for the Guardian on the internet and called your company. The sales representative was extremely helpful. We ordered the pest repeller and within one week of installing it into our attic, all squirrel activity ceased.

We are very impressed with your product and have ordered another Guardian pest repeller to use to repel deer and ground hogs in our garden. I would recommend your product to anyone. It works! Thank you.”

Jehan B. – Virgina


“These devices are a Godsend! We actually noticed a difference within the first 24 hours! My one cat had mats of fur that I could not even get a scissors around to cut out. After a weeks or so, I noticed that there was a large space between the skin and the fur matt. Those were "no seeums." I couldn't believe what I saw and felt.

We still have not had a 100% success with the cats and the carpet, but are working on it. There is no doubt these devices are working.We will never live anywhere again without these devices. They will always be in our home!!!!!!”

Marsha E. – Illinois


“We have a 60-year-old fishing cabin on the banks of the Roaring Fork River near Aspen, Colorado. We had a struggle with mice,no matter how hard we worked to plug up entry holes, and I was really sick of cleaning up after live mice and disposing of dead mice that we poisoned.

Finally I tried the Good Life electric repeller, and wow, what a difference! Not even a sign of mice, or mice poop or mice pee. They cleared right out. Why anybody would fool with messy traps or poison is a mystery when this is such a clean, humane solution.”

Mari P. – Aspen, CO


“Thank you for your help this afternoon re the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT.  I originally ordered 4 units on September 3rd, 2005 - 3 are placed in my home (garage, basement, bedroom)  and 1 is in my son's garage.  I have been very pleased with the results of using this unit - I have been essentially "bug free" since day one.  I especially like the ionic and ultrasonic waves - no smell, not toxic issues.  I would highly recommend this product and have done so over the past two years. ”

Mary Ann B. – Omaha, NE


“I occasionally take the trouble of writing in complaint, but rarely write to praise. However in this case I must say how delighted I am with the service I received and the product quality. I live in the UK and placed my order late last week and my order arrived today (Monday!!). The fact that I am 3,000 or 4,000 miles away and that my order arrived in 3 working days is testimony to your company's efficiency and customer focus. I bought these units as my wife and I are moving to Spain in a couple of months, and if you ever seek to expand your business in Mainland Europe please contact me, as I would be more than interested in selling these products. Says enough I think. Thanks again.”

Jeremy L. – Nottingham, United Kingdom


“I purchased the Guardian and MC to solve a problem that I have had with bats hanging out on a porch at my cabin in the mountains. Prior to this I had tried many solutions, none of which worked until the Guardian. I first tried to use it on battery along and that did not work as well, so I called your service representatives and they suggested I use the AC Adapter. That definitely has worked. I see the bats come flying toward the cabin at night and make an immediate 180 degree turn and leave. I'm telling everyone I know to buy your products because they really do work. Thank you for making such a great product.”

Jan W. V – Gilbert, AZ


“I live in a townhouse that adjoins 5 houses. Recently, due to poor roof maintenance of 3 neighbors, squirrels entered the crawl space of all of our roofs. Our bedroom became severely infested with squirrels nesting and breeding behind the walls and ceiling of our bedroom. We endured the nuisance of clawing and scratching for weeks, helpless to do anything about these squirrels while we waited for our neighbors to replace their roofs. We also feared the damage these critters can do to a home.

After a thorough search of the internet, I purchased 2 of the "Pest Repeller Ultimate AT" devices. I plugged them in, 1 on each all of infestation, as soon as I received them and experienced IMMEDIATE relief! Every evening around dusk, we could hear the squirrels re-entering their nests in our walls. But after installing the Pest Repellers, we heard NOTHING! No longer must my family and I endure the ongoing nuisance such as scratching and clawing these critters can cause. The units are also reasonably priced. My family and I can enjoy our home again! Thank you so much for these devices! Hopefully, this testimonial can help someone else plagued with pests! These devices REALLY work!”

Donna A.


“We live in the country and have mice and squirrels running through our yard frequently. About two months ago, I was sitting at our computer and heard a scratching sound. A mouse was coming out of our a/c floor register. A couple of days later, we could hear a mouse scratching in one of our cupboards. I immediately ordered the Ultimate AT Pest Repeller, after reading many good testimonials. I ordered several for the house, and I also ordered one for my husband's storage building. We haven't seen any signs of mice since we plugged in the units. We keep birdseed in the storage building and have been particularly impressed that we haven't had any mice in the unit. I would strongly recommend these units. We had tried other brands in the past, but they just weren't effective. We certainly won't be without these units in the future.”

Angela D. – Louisiana


“I live in a house that has two floors and we had rats running through our ceilings and walls. My downstairs neighbors wanted to use poison or traps and I asked them not to since I couldn't see myself using something like that on an animal even though they were rats. I bought the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT Digital not really thinking it would work. After two weeks I kept hearing them and thought the product was [not working]. But then three weeks to the day of plugging in the two units, everything was quiet. The rats were finally driven out. We were very excited that we found a product that worked where you didn't have to torture (too much) the rats or kill them and then have to deal with the mess afterwards. What a relief! It's one of those products that people are wary of actually working but to our surprise it did. Thank you.”

Karen P.


“Thanks!  Yes, the products have been great.  Once the units died, the difference was noticeable -- evidence of mice everywhere.  I'm having to reset standard mouse traps all the time now.  I am looking forward to the arrival of the 3 new units I purchased.”

Joanne M. – Ohio


“I had a severe Roach problem. Every day I would end up killing 8-10 Roaches and I was throwing away food constantly. I tried baits and sprays, but nothing helped, in fact I think I was just feeding them. One day I went to plug in my vacuum cleaner and when I pulled the plug in air freshener out of the wall socket a Roach fell out from behind it. I quickly tried to smash the Roach with the air freshener before it escaped and when I slammed the air freshener on top of the roach, another fell out of it, then there were two roaches so I tried to get them both, then a third fell out of the air freshener. It was at that moment I went online looking for a miracle solution.

I came across these Electronic Pest Control units, so I purchased one, when it arrived I plugged it in and after a few days I didn't see a single Roach for 2 months then I saw one small roach and there hasn't been any since. Thank you so much for providing such a great product, I tell everyone about it and they all want to use your Pest repeller products.”



“I ordered 2 of the Pest Repeller Ultimate SG units because of a BIG problem with ants coming into my house, virtually year round, but worse during the summer.  I had tried everything else - numerous pesticides (spraying every 3 weeks), ant dust, ant traps -- everything I could find that would supposedly kill ants. Those things would work for a very short period of time, then do absolutely nothing. Our of desperation I did some looking on the internet and came across a special on these units.

I called the number and spoke with a very polite and helpful representative of your company.  She answered all of my questions, and I ordered 2 of the units.  I received them in approximately 1 week (very quickly in my opinion), and the units did exactly what I was told they would do - it took a few weeks to see the difference, but the ants have STOPPED coming in!!

I am very happy with the way everything was handled - promptly, as promised and guaranteed!  I very highly recommend these units (and this company) - my house is STILL ant-free - and I have also not seen any spiders for a while either!”



“I have used Commercial Pest Control services in the past. I hated spending the money every month to kill my bugs, some of those services charge three, four, five hundred dollars a year, that is a lot of money. Your Pest Repellers work! I have two units and they have saved me a lot of money. Also these units seem to be doing a much better job than what I have tried to do on my own and even better than my old Pest Control service.

Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of my new Pest Repeller devices. The quality of your product is outstanding and surpassed any expectations I may have and prior to placing my order.  If the product works as well as it is built, I will be ecstatic.”

Kelli S. – Corte Madera, CA


“I was so tired of using Poisons that weren't really working. I was also very concerned about the toxic chemicals I was using. I didn't feel it was safe to use Toxic Chemicals, especially in my home, so it caused me a little stress. When I purchased your Electronic Pest Control products, I wasn't sure if they would work. Well I have to tell you, I can not believe how wonderfully it is working. My Pest problems are over. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!”



“My parents were relocating to Florida and rented an apartment site unseen...when they arrived in April - the place was horribly infested with roaches, I arrived in May and freaked out that the problem was so severe (they were trying to kill them with canned spray from the grocery store). I ordered the Ultimate AT pest repellers.

It took about 3 weeks or so before I noticed a difference...but now we don't have any bugs!! None, nothing, not even one teeny tiny spider. I love them! We are very satisfied with our Pest Repeller Ultimate AT for indoor use. Since putting it in our bedroom we no longer are bitten at night.”

Kathryn S.


“On 12/19/06 I ordered 2 of your Pest Repeller Ultimate ATs out of total desperation at the ant invasion I had been experiencing. While I don’t like using poisons, I had used ant bait which had worked in previous years, but it only seemed to make the problem worse.

Eventually I did some online research only to discover that there are Argentinean ants which have invaded Northern California some time ago. They have multiple queens so that ant baits and other usual means of managing infestations in homes do not work.


On the same Google page as my search results I saw your ad and decided to try your pricey electronic gadgets out of desperation. I ordered two, removed the ant bait and found that over the next few weeks the ants had significantly subsided.

I immediately brought the one I’d installed downstairs in a hallway, where there were also ants, but not as many, into the kitchen. Within days ants began to circulate in that downstairs area and now, about a week after putting your pest controller in the kitchen, the ants are minimal up there.

I’m a believer! In my experience, they work on these Argentine ants that nothing else really works on! Thanks for the great product!”

Nicki M. – San Francisco, CA