Get rid of mice with the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT

Repel Mice with the
Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT is the perfect solution for defending your home or office from a variety of unwanted pests. This environmentally friendly device uses the safest technology on the market to permanently keep mice away.


  • High Pressure Ultrasonic Frequencies
  • Second Generation Electro-Vibrawave®
  • Ultra-Ionic™ Pest Control Technology
  • Bright Blue LED Nightlight 
  • A/C Pass Through (Extra Plug-in)

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Outdoor Mouse Control
The Guardian is the first indoor and outdoor pest repeller
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The Guardian™

The best just got better! The industry’s first indoor AND outdoor pest repeller.

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Product Videos

Pest Repeller Ultimate®
AT Animated Video

Watch this short, animated presentation to learn more about the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT
Mouse Success Stories

"We live in the country and have mice and squirrels running through our yard frequently. About two months ago, I was sitting at our computer and heard a scratching sound. A mouse was coming out of our a/c floor register. A couple of days later, we could hear a mouse scratching in one of our cupboards. I immediately ordered the Ultimate AT Pest Repeller, after reading many good testimonials.”

Angela D. - Louisiana